SkinDetox Formula


Detoxifying Skin Capsules are nutritional supplements for skin health that combine Eastern and Western herbs as well as fatty acids and trace elements needed by the skin. Its unique formula creates healthy and perfect skin for you.

As modern technology becomes more and more advanced, the human living environment becomes more and more polluted. The human body's immune function is also gradually declining. Coupled with extreme stress and bad eating habits, a large amount of toxins accumulate in the human body, affecting the normal operation of human body functions.

As the first line of defense and the largest organ of the human body, the skin participates in the functional activities of the whole body to maintain the unity of opposition between the body and the external natural environment. At the same time, abnormal conditions of the body can also be reflected on the skin. Toxins inside the body and the outside world Stimulation from the environment and allergens can lead to abnormal skin conditions and pathologies.

The detoxification and skin-building soft capsules developed by Mancom in the United States are based on the perspective of removing toxins from the body and enhancing skin immunity. They use the essence of Eastern and Western herbal medicines as well as the fatty acids, trace elements and nutrients needed by the skin. They do not contain any laxative ingredients and are effective in removing toxins from the body. While removing toxins, it increases the vitality of epidermal cells, nourishes the skin, and adjusts the health of the skin, so that you have a healthy and flawless skin. At the same time, the detoxification and skin-building soft capsules contain a variety of antioxidant factors, which can effectively resist the damage caused to the skin by free radicals, sunlight and other radiation.

For people:

  1. People with skin allergies: Mild skin itching and rash often caused by food, supplies or the surrounding environment.
  2. Patients with skin diseases: It can be used as an auxiliary therapy for the treatment of various skin diseases.
  3. People with skin defects: prone to acne, pimples, dark spots, etc.
  4. People with dry and dull skin : Dry and dull skin caused by health, genetics or age.

How to take:

Take 3 capsules each time in the morning and evening, after meals.

Under 12 years old, please consult a doctor before taking.

Product packaging: 180 soft capsules/bottle (one month’s dosage)

Origin: United States.