Psoriasis Formula Capsule

  • Cool blood and detoxify : remove toxins from the blood, control skin inflammation,
  • Eliminate erythema and itching : clear away heat and remove dampness: remove dampness and heat from the intestines and reduce toxins from infiltrating into the bloodstream from the intestines.
  • Promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis : removes blood stasis in the body, increases blood circulation, and adjusts the skin metabolism cycle.
  • Nourish blood and moisturize dryness : improve the body's immunity, regulate and smooth the skin's qi and blood, and nourish damaged skin.

Packaging : 150 capsules/bottle

Main ingredients:
Raw rehmannia, red peony root, peony bark, scrophulariaceae, comfrey, cork, sophora flavescens, salvia, white peony root, white moss bark, chicken blood vine, sophora japonica, etc.

How to take:

Adults: Take 8-10 capsules twice daily, after meals.

Children: Consult physician for dosage.

Expected efficacy:
Psoriasis is a difficult disease. It usually requires 1-3 courses of treatment. One course of treatment lasts two months. 70% of patients will see obvious results within one course of treatment.