Guizhi Fuling Tablets (GyneAssure™)


Functions and Indications

Guizhi Fuling Decoction is used to support comfort in the uterus or during menstruation. It can eliminate blood stasis and relieve blood stasis. According to TCM theory, blood stasis is the root cause of discomfort associated with the menstrual cycle. Blood stasis can be compared to a still swamp. When metabolic waste accumulates like algae in a pond, oxygen-rich blood cannot flow freely.

Guizhi Fuling tablets are composed of five pure natural herbs that complement each other and are used to activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis.


Guizhi, Poria, peony bark, peach kernel, white peony root.


200 tablets, 200 mg each.


Take orally, 5 tablets at a time, 2-3 times a day. The acute phase dose may be doubled.


For those who have persistent leakage and uneasy fetal movements after pregnancy, they must be taken after diagnosis and approval by a physician to avoid misuse and fetal harm.