Eczema Dermatitis (Concentrated) Capsule (EcDermaid Capsule)


Concentrated version - smaller capsules

Clearing heat and removing dampness : removes toxins from the body and eliminates rashes, itching and a series of skin allergy symptoms.
Promote blood circulation and nourish yin : Promote blood circulation and nourish skin damage caused by long-term skin allergic reactions.
Strengthen the spleen and replenish qi : Improve your own immunity to resist the invasion of external allergic factors.

Packaging : 150 capsules/bottle

Main ingredients:
Cicada slough, honeysuckle, forsythia, skullcap, Phellodendron, sophora flavescens, gardenia, white moss bark, kochia bark, habitat, red peony root, peony bark, scrophulariaceae, salvia, atractylodes, atractylodes, etc.

How to take:
Adults : Take 8-10 capsules twice daily, after meals.
Children : Under 2 years old please consult a doctor.

Children's dosage:

2-3 years old: 3 capsules twice daily 4-5 years old: 4 capsules twice daily
6-8 years old: 5 capsules twice daily 9-12 years old: 6 capsules twice daily

Young children need to open the capsule and mix the powder with food or drink before taking it.
For patients with severe eczema, 1-2 tablets can be added to the original dose.
Since most patients with eczema dermatitis are allergic, for safety reasons, it is recommended that young children take one pill for the first time to see if they are allergic. If they are allergic, stop taking the medicine and seek medical help.