MerryHerb Allergy Relief Formula

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Traditional Chinese medicine formula, produced in the United States.


Allergic rhinitis is a common immune disease. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, causative factors can be divided into internal causes and external causes. The internal cause is mainly lung, spleen and kidney qi deficiency caused by insufficient innate endowment or long-term excessive fatigue, lack of sleep and other factors. External causes are caused by wind and cold hitting the lungs, environmental pollution, pollen and dust stimulation.

Mankang anti-allergic tablets are pure Chinese medicine preparations developed for allergic rhinitis. It warms the lungs, spleen and kidneys, dispels wind and cold, clears the nose, fundamentally relieves nasal sensitivity, and also has a certain alleviation effect on bronchial asthma.

Efficacy: Traditional Chinese medicine formula can improve the immune regulation function, inhibit allergic reactions, and eliminate allergic symptoms by warming the lungs, spleen, and kidneys, dispelling wind and cold, and clearing the nose.

Suitable for the crowd:

Seasonal allergies and patients with year-round allergies

Patients over six years old, please consult your doctor if you are under six years old.

Main ingredients: Bupleurum, Scutellaria baicalensis, Xinyi, Angelica dahurica, Cimicifuga, Ligusticum chuanxiong, Qianghuo, ginseng, Corydalis chinensis, sapsfoil, cocklebur, plantain, pinellia, jujube, ginger, ligusticum, licorice, and licorice.

Packaging : 150 tablets/bottle

How to take: Take 5-6 capsules twice a day, after meals.

Efficacy: Usually obvious effects will be seen within one week of taking it. Seasonal allergies can be basically eliminated by taking it for 4-6 weeks. Patients with chronic allergies need to take it for about 2 months to eliminate their allergies.
Prevention: Keep warm, ensure adequate sleep, and avoid overeating raw, cold, fatty, spicy, and spicy foods. People with weak constitution should eat less cold foods such as watermelon, bitter melon, winter melon, white radish, and cabbage.