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Acne (English acne), commonly known as "acne"; "acne". It is a chronic inflammatory skin disease of the pilosebaceous glands. Clinically, it is characterized by acne, papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts on the face. It can also be It is seen on the neck, back and chest. It is more common in adolescent men and women. Patients between 20 and 40 years old are also not uncommon.

The occurrence of this disease is mainly related to heredity, gonadal endocrine disorders, excessive sebum secretion and the local proliferation of Corynebacterium acnes. It is also related to the use of improper skin care products, blocking pores and affecting the discharge of sebaceous gland secretions. Acne lasts for a long time, such as Improper care will cause skin scars and pigmentation, seriously affecting your appearance.

Dr. Li Manqun, a well-known TCM dermatologist in the San Francisco Bay Area, has developed a special prescription for acne and rosacea dermatitis - Qingpo Ling based on years of clinical experience and ancestral secret recipes. This will make acne no longer a problem for you. *

Qingpo Ling is made of 100% pure natural concentrated Chinese medicine. It is safe and has no side effects. It is processed and produced by a US GMP certified factory.

Acneed Capsule

acneed tablet

Clear lung and stomach heat stasis: Eliminate acne and pustules caused by blood heat in the lung meridian steaming the head and face, and damp heat in the spleen and stomach accumulating on the skin.

Cool blood and detoxify: Removes toxins from the blood and controls the inflammatory response caused by acne bacteria on the skin.

Promotes blood circulation and nourishes yin: Adjust endocrine, reduce sebum secretion, unblock pores, and nourish damaged skin.

Package: 180 capsules/bottle

price: $45.00, 3 for $120.00

Main ingredients: Rehmannia glutinosa, red peony root, peony bark, skullcap, gardenia, honeysuckle, forsythia, gypsum, anemarrhena, dandelion, Houttuynia cordata, Digu bark, platycodon, salvia, etc.

How to take: Twice a day, 6-8 tablets each time, after meals.

Discount package: In order to provide more effective and economical treatment, we have designed a Qingzhanling discount package for you:

Offer package: 2 bottles of acne clearing tablets + 1 bottle of acne clearing jade cream US$110.00

Complementary therapy products

Detoxification and skin-building capsules

(Skin Detox Formula)

skin detox

Detox Skin Strengthening Capsule is a nutritional supplement for skin health that combines Eastern and Western herbs as well as fatty acids and trace elements needed by the skin. Its unique formula is very helpful in treating acne or preventing the recurrence of acne.

Product packaging: 120 soft capsules/bottle (one month’s supply)
Price :US$40.00, 3 for $108.00

External use:

Acne clearing jade cream

(Acneed Cream)


Made of 100% natural plant aromatic essential oils and aloe vera. It is safe and has no side effects. It eliminates skin inflammation, cleans and shrinks pores, nourishes the skin, and reduces scars and dark spots left in the later stages of acne.

Usage: Apply to the affected area every morning and evening after washing your face. In severe cases, the frequency of use can be increased.

weight: 2OZ

price: US$24.95

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patient self care

Use mild facial cleansers: Be careful not to over-remove normal skin oils to avoid stimulating the skin to secrete more oils compensatoryly.

It is not advisable to squeeze when infected to avoid spreading bacteria, causing wider inflammation, scarring and pigmentation.

Food taboos: Avoid smoking, drinking, spicy food, sweets, chocolate, nuts, mutton, mango, lychee, durian, pineapple and cheese.

Get enough sleep and reduce mental stress.


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