Dr. Li Manqun

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Dr. Li Manqun graduated from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and served as a TCM surgeon at Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, specializing in dermatology. Since obtaining the acupuncture (TCM) license in California in 1992, he has been engaged in TCM research and treatment of dermatology and gynecological diseases. In addition, Dr. Li Manqun also has in-depth research on Western herbalism, nutrition, and traditional European aromatic essential oil therapy.

Chinese medicine has a long and profound history. Its unique theoretical system and clinical efficacy have been fully certified in its development history of more than two thousand years. Especially in the treatment of dermatology, his theory of "outside comes from inside" is even more insightful.

Skin is a large external organ of the human body. It protects the body, regulates body temperature, and eliminates sweat. At the same time, disorders of body functions can also appear on the skin. Therefore, our skin disease treatment concept treats skin diseases from the inside out, by removing toxins from the body, adjusting immune function, etc., to restore the body and skin to a normal state, and fundamentally solve difficult and complicated skin diseases.

Mankang, led by Dr. Li Manqun, has carefully developed a series of products for the treatment of various skin diseases: eczematous dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, vitiligo, and hair loss products. After years of clinical verification, it has successfully entered the mainstream market in the United States. The new generation of products developed by Mankang: detoxifying skin capsules and anti-aging activators, which combine the essence of Eastern and Western herbal medicines, as well as a variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, anti-aging optimization genes and other nutrients needed by the skin, using the nutrients in the body The modern technology of long-lasting release is in the leading position among similar products in the US market.

Menkang R&D creates healthy and perfect skin for you. Guaranteeing efficacy and quality is our aim. Menkang R&D is continuing to work hard to develop more and more effective products to benefit human health.

Treatment method:

1. Dr. Li’s clinics are located in Sun Bruno and Sunnyvale, Northern California.

To make an appointment with Dr. Li, please call 650-588-8335.

2. Video consultation, specific information is as follows:

Video consultation is via FaceTime or Zoom. The fee is US$45, it is recommended to pay by credit card, Zelle is also accepted.

      3. Dr. Li also provides free email consultation. Please select the relevant disease form below and fill it out: