Gynecological products

Women’s unique worries and overall function management

80% of women will experience some women-specific troubles in their lifetime, such as menstrual irregularities, dysmenorrhea, pregnancy problems, menopausal discomfort, etc. Due to the special physiological functions of women, from menstruation, pregnancy to menopause, qi, blood and kidney essence (tiankui) dominate the entire physiological process. The overall coordinated relationship (endocrine coordination) between the organs, meridians, qi and blood, Tiankui and the uterus forms women’s unique functions of menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and lactation. An imbalance in any of these links will cause a series of gynecological diseases. Therefore, the overall regulation of qi, blood, yin and yang is a feature of TCM treatment of gynecological diseases.

Hormonal balance is an important indicator of women's health. Based on women’s unique physiological functions, Li Manqun’s Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Gynecology has developed traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for common menstrual diseases and menopausal problems in women, from the perspective of adjusting qi and blood, balancing yin and yang of the organs, and fundamentally solving the problems caused by hormonal imbalances. A series of gynecological diseases. It has been clinically proven that the efficacy is far greater than that of Western medicine hormonal treatment, and the efficacy is stable and long-lasting, safe and has no side effects. Gynecological problems are complex, and due to differences in body constitution of each person, the symptoms they present are also different. In addition to treating patients at the San Francisco clinic, Dr. Li Manqun also provides free consultations by phone and online to ensure that patients are provided with the most effective treatment plan.

In terms of the selection of traditional Chinese medicine, we use high-quality traditional Chinese medicine, which is produced by a traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical company approved by the US FDA. It strictly follows the US GMP pharmaceutical standards, uses the traditional Chinese medicine boiling method, uses advanced equipment to concentrate and refine, and is completely sterilized. The heavy metal content and other safety indicators fully meet the US food and drug inspection standards.

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