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During the raging stage of the COVID-19 epidemic, Mankang Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment Center developed the traditional Chinese medicine product Qingfei Tablets , hoping to help everyone get through this period safely.

Qingfei Tablets can clear the lungs, clear lung heat, and reduce lung viral and bacterial infections. ;

role of lungs

The main function of the lungs is to obtain the gases the body needs, remove carbon dioxide, and exchange it for oxygen that the body can use.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the lungs govern qi and manage breathing. This means that the lungs have the function of presiding over breathing and the qi of the whole body. The lungs are the place where gases are exchanged inside and outside the body. The human body inhales fresh air from nature through the lungs, and exhales the turbid air in the body, so that gases inside and outside the body are continuously exchanged, thereby ensuring the normal metabolism of the human body.

The lungs inhale fresh air and combine it with the lungs to penetrate the heart vessels, allowing the heart blood to run. The lungs govern qi, which not only assists the heart in running blood, but also manages and regulates various organs, tissues and organs throughout the body, and regulates qi throughout the body.

Once diseases occur in the respiratory system and lungs, the ventilation function will be affected, and in severe cases, it will cause difficulty in breathing and even endanger our lives.